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Products for better consumption of cbd flower: 

The headshop allows you to find accessories for cbd consumers as well as smokers. You can find in this category the different types of headshop cbd products to better consume the cbd flower like scales, ashtrays, clippers, grinders, batteries, pipes, trays...

Consuming CBD flowers

Rolling a joint of CBD flowers can be a great way to enjoy the substance in a convenient and enjoyable way. However, to do it right, it is essential to have the right accessories. Essential accessories for rolling a joint include a grinder, rolling paper and filters.

Accessory for rolling a cbd joint 

A grinder is a tool that effectively grinds CBD flowers into a smooth, easy-to-roll mixture. There are different types of grinders, ranging from the simple to the more sophisticated. Whichever model you choose, the grinder is an essential accessory to obtain a quality joint. Secondly, the rolling paper is the most important part of the process. It is important to choose a quality paper that does not tear easily and burns evenly. Finally, filters are essential to prevent bits of tobacco or CBD from ending up in the smoker's mouth. They also help to maintain the shape of the joint while facilitating its combustion.

How to roll a cbd joint 

Now that you have the right accessories, it's time to start rolling your CBD joint. First, grind the flowers with the grinder until you have a smooth consistency. Next, place the rolling paper on a flat surface and place the crushed CBD mixture in the centre. Distribute the mixture evenly throughout the paper. Finally, insert the filter at one end of the joint and roll it tightly into a cylindrical shape. Once finished, light your joint and enjoy its relaxing effects.

In summary, rolling a CBD joint requires a few essential accessories such as a grinder, rolling paper and filters. These tools ensure a quality joint that is easy to roll and enjoyable to smoke. Follow these simple steps and enjoy the full benefits of CBD consumption.

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