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The CBD pipe, another way to consume cannabis flower

The CBD pipe is an accessory that allows you to inhale the smoke produced by burning CBD flower. It usually consists of a small container in which the hemp flower can be placed, and a tube and mouthpiece for drawing the smoke. CBD pipes are available in different materials, such as glass.

How does the cbd pipe work? 

There are many ways to smoke cannabis such as using a cbd pipe. Using a cannabis pipe can provide a simple and tasty smoking experience. However, it is important to know how to properly use a cbd pipe to avoid unpleasant residue in the mouth and maximise flavour.

Use a screen in the bowl that helps filter the vapours and prevents ash and herb crumbs from entering the mouth. Once the screen is in place, you can fill the bowl with herbs of your choice. 

Using a cbd pipe

It is recommended to clean the pipe after each use. Burning herbs often leaves residue stuck to the pipe, which can lead to a build-up of deposits and ash. Regular cleaning can extend the life of the pipe and improve the flavour quality of your smoke.

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