Gorilla Glue

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Gorilla Glue is a cbd flower available at €2.90 incl. VAT per gram. Effective against anxiety disorders, it has a raw taste and lemon aromas.

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Gorilla Glue: the inexpensive CBD flower

Gorilla Glue is one of our range of fully legal cannabidiol flowers, with only 0.2% THC in their composition. In the same vein, Zamaly recommends California Haze CBD, Super Skunk and the lesser-known Cannatonic. What all these legal hemp flowers have in common is that they come from cannabis plants grown in fields, outdoors. They are therefore Outdoor CBD products. This environmentally-friendly, 100% natural cultivation method has the advantage of producing buds rich in terpenes and trichomes, which we then use to create Premium CBD. Available at €2.90 per gram, Gorilla Glue is one of our low-cost, high-quality cannabidiol flowers. 

How to use Gorilla Glue cannabis flower to get the full flavour?


All CBD products in the Zamaly online store are designed to be smokeless. You may not know it, but smoking a CBD product alters not only its taste and aroma, but also its health benefits. This means you lose out on all the positive aspects of cannabidiol. Instead, we recommend three healthy consumption methods that preserve Gorilla Glue's flavors and positive health effects: infusion, cooking and vaping. As soon as you open your Gorilla Glue CBD bag, you breathe in an enchanting, raw fragrance, reminiscent of diesel and the exhalation of a powerful THC flower. On the taste side, you'll find a fruity flavor that leans distinctly towards lemon. To make the most of it, we recommend using this cannabidiol flower in cooking. Add a few crumbs to desserts or vinaigrettes to get the full flavour. 

CBD flowers with unique therapeutic properties?


Gorilla Glue's virtues are those associated with flowers made mainly from Indica cannabis. It is particularly recommended for anxiety disorders and depressive states, as it is a highly reputed natural anxiolytic. This Outdoor CBD, with its 12% cannabidiol content, is also recommended for the treatment of sleep disorders, especially insomnia. Like Blue Dream CBD, it should be taken in the evening to help you get a deep, restful sleep. 

Highlights of French CBD Gorilla Glue flower

Whether you buy it as part of a CBD promotion or simply visit our CBD store, Gorilla Glue will benefit you in several ways: 

  • A cheap 100g CBD tablet of Gorilla Glue is available at a price of €290.00 incl. VAT! 
  • It's recommended for reducing anxiety disorders and insomnia.
  • It has a raw taste, reminiscent of traditional potent THC flower, and citrus aromas.
  • Saveurs Fruitée
  • Taux de CBD 12%
  • Variété Hybride (Indica dominante)
  • Origine États-Unis
  • Taux de THC 0.2%
  • Provenance Suisse
  • Utilité Concentration, Stress, Mémoire, Soulager les douleurs, Anxiété, Sommeil, Libido
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