Blue Dream Kush

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Blue Dream CBD is a flower derived from OG Kush with a CBD content of up to 26%. With its fruity taste and sweet aroma, it is highly effective against anxiety and insomnia.

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Blue Dream, Premium quality weed from our CBD store Zamaly


Blue Dream weed is an indoor flower derived from the famous OG Kush. Highly reputed on the legal weed market, Blue Dream CBD is so named partly because it has bluish notes on its buds. It's a flower grown using the indoor method, meaning that the cannabis plants used to create it are grown in specially designed closed chambers. Sheltered from the elements and bathed in artificial light, the hemp plants were given ample opportunity to grow at their own pace, producing large quantities of terpenes. These give the plant a taste and aroma reminiscent of citrus fruits. Sweet on the palate, Blue Dream Kush is ideal for those who love sweet fruit! 


Blue Dream CBD flower: what benefits does it offer consumers


As you know, cannabidiol, like all the cannabinoids found in hemp flowers, has health benefits for the consumer. However, unlike THC, the CBD in Blue Dream Kush weed is not harmful to your health. On the contrary, it's particularly recommended for treating anxiety disorders and chronic stress, and for reducing insomnia. But Blue Dream CBD also has that special name because it's highly effective in combating sleep disorders. Our CBD store Zamaly advises you to consume it in the evening as an infusion to fall into the arms of Morpheus! 

How much CBD does this flower contain?


Blue Dream Kush is cultivated indoors, producing numerous trichomes and terpenes. Thanks to these, its cannabidiol content reaches 26%, making it a powerful CBD flower. You could say it's Premium quality, because the benefits it delivers are fast, powerful and, of course, long-lasting. In other words, a few milligrams of this flower are enough to radically reduce your sleep problems and help you recharge your batteries.   

Why choose this CBD France Blue Dream Kush flower?


This CBD Premium Blue Dream Kush is a popular flower among legal weed lovers. There are several reasons why: 

  • Rich in terpenes, it has a fruity taste and sweet aromatic notes that make it exquisite in infusion.
  • Rich in trichomes, it develops a CBD content of up to 26%, making it a powerful CBD flower.
  • It is recommended for people suffering from insomnia or sleep disorders.

  • Saveurs Florale
  • Taux de CBD 26%
  • Variété Hybride (Sativa/Indica)
  • Origine États-Unis
  • Taux de THC 0,2
  • Provenance Suisse
  • Utilité Stress, Soulager les douleurs, Sommeil
Acheté par Habib
Le 2023-10-01
rating 5
Odeur de dingue, goût sucré de qualité
Acheté par Julien
Le 2023-09-29
rating 5
Ma préférée rien à dire celle la aussi je me l'a réserve pour le week-end
Acheté par Jolan J
Le 2023-09-29
rating 5
Pas déçu de ma commande, j'aime beaucoup cette variété !
Acheté par Paul L
Le 2023-09-29
rating 5
Livraison rapide
Livraison très rapide et fleur qui est dans mes attentes ! Je recommande
Acheté par Lucas
Le 2023-09-29
rating 5
Incroyable comme dh'abitude, très bonne fleur