Og Kush

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Discover OG Kush, a 12% cannabis flower with an earthy, raw taste. Ideal for vaping or infusion, this CBD flower is effective in treating insomnia.

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Where can I find a CBD store to buy OG Kush cannabis flower?


Cannabidiol is a highly sought-after product these days, so it's becoming easier and easier to find. A CBD bag of OG Kush can be found online, in a specialized store to be sure of its quality. At Zamaly, your online CBD store, you'll find CBD outdoor at a very low price. At €3.20 per gram (incl. VAT) for Kush outdoor, you'll be able to get a real CBD discount if you buy in large quantities. Kush, for example, is a CBD 100g available at €320.00 incl. VAT! 


A Kush hemp flower with a raw, earthy taste?


This Kush OG flower has a name that strongly resembles Mango Kush CBD. That's because both are obtained from a variety of weed called Kush. They are therefore close in terms of composition, but remain different in terms of their respective flavours and aromas. Unlike Mango, which is fruity, the OG version of Kush is closer to the taste of a powerful THC flower. When smoked or vaped, it releases an earthy, damp, pungent taste reminiscent of diesel. Naturally bitter, it's also slightly acidic, which will delight fans of traditional weed who want to rediscover this unique taste. In fact, we recommend that you vaporize it, as this is the only way to enjoy its powerful natural flavours. Vaporized, it releases a bitter smoke that seems to come from roasting. Notes of nuts and peanuts can also be detected. 


What does Indica dominance add to the benefits of this CBD flower?


No matter how big or small, a bag of Kush CBD OG version will give you 12% CBD with Indica dominance. Like Mango Kush CBD, this OG version is an effective CBD outdoor for treating generalized anxiety or sleep disorders. Indeed, Indica is a variety of hemp which possesses very interesting soothing virtues for treating insomnia and sleep disorders. To make the most of its soothing virtues, we recommend you consume it as an infusion, just before going to bed. In this way, its effects will be felt while you sleep, naturally improving the quality of your sleep. Don't forget to add a fatty substance to the infusion, such as soy milk or honey, so that the benefits can diffuse into the water. 


OG Kush CBD flowers: high-quality outdoor flowers


Like all the cannabidiol flowers in the Zamaly shop, the OG version of Kush has undeniable assets: 

  • Its 12% cannabidiol content is ideal for novice CBD users.
  • It has a raw, earthy, bitter taste that comes close to that of a powerful THC flower.
  • It has powerful soothing properties and effectively combats sleep disorders.
  • Saveurs épicé , Terreuse
  • Taux de CBD 11%
  • Variété Hybride (Indica dominante)
  • Origine Suisse
  • Taux de THC 0.2%
  • Provenance Suisse
  • Utilité Sommeil, Soulager les douleurs, Sport, Concentration, Anxiété
Acheté par Edouard
Le 2023-10-01
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Belles fleurs, tres bon produit très agréable goût frais
Acheté par Fabio
Le 2023-10-01
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Ma préférer
De loin ma préférée, tant sur le goût que sur l'effet. Parfaite !
Acheté par Lucie
Le 2023-09-30
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