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30% CBD oil is ideal for combating physical pain and eliminating anxiety disorders. This discount CBD oil is taken sublingually and takes effect quickly.

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30% CBD oil, a Premium product from your Zamaly CBD store

The item available in this section is 30 percent CBD oil. In other words, it's oleaginous cannabidiol that has been extracted from hemp plants using several traditional methods, from cold-pressing to Supercritical CO2. This oil is in the same range as our 10%, 20% and 40% concentration oil, but is different from our Full Spectrum range, which blends several cannabinoids in its recipe. For this CBD 30 oil, the retail price is just €29.99 a bottle. If you have the opportunity to take advantage of a CBD destockage, you can even lower this already discounted price to obtain the equivalent of several months' consumption of cannabidiol in a single purchase. 


30% CBD oil, normal or special use of this kind of product?

The answer is, in fact, both! This 30-percent CBD can be consumed like any other cannabidiol product in our range. For example, simply add one or more drops of CBD to your dish or dessert to enjoy its naturally woody taste. Do you prefer piney or slightly spicy aromas, reminiscent of pepper? Then our experts recommend adding one or more drops of 30% CBD to the tank of your electronic cigarette. You'll be able to vape it and enjoy its benefits as the day goes on. Liposoluble, this 30% CBD oil can also be enjoyed as an infusion if you add a splash of milk. Don't know how to prepare a CBD product? No problem, this 30% oil can be dripped directly under the tongue. 


When should you consume this CBD oil to reap its full benefits?

30% CBD oil is known for its anti-stress and anti-anxiety properties. You should therefore consume it whenever you feel the need, no matter what time of day you're feeling stressed or anxious. Renowned for its pain-relieving action, this discount CBD 30 oil is very quick to act when you feel pain in the muscles or joints. For example, you can consume it during the day when you feel your arthritis or osteoarthritis returning. 

Why choose this CBD oil over another?

There are several reasons why you should choose this 30-percent CBD oil over another oil with a different content: 

  • It's far more effective than oils with a lower rate. 
  • It's a CBD drop that can be taken sublingually. 
  • It's available in an economical format, as just a few drops of CBD are enough to generate a powerful effect in the consumer. 
  • It lets you enjoy the natural flavors and aromas of hemp, but without THC.

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  • Taux de CBD 30%
  • Origine Suisse
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Acheté par Romain
Le 2023-10-01
rating 5
Atténue les migraines et les douleurs
Acheté par Romain
Le 2023-10-01
rating 5
Bien !
Bonne huiles, très satisfaite
Acheté par Annick
Le 2023-09-29
rating 5
Me sauve !
Produit au top pour s'endormir apaisée Nuits difficiles à cause du covid long, calme les palpitations et maux de tête