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CBD oil 40% is effective against stress, improves your sleep and reduces aches and pains. Its woody, floral flavours, excellent for vaping, are appreciated by traditional hemp lovers.

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French CBD: 40% organic cannabidiol oil by home delivery

Have you been looking for a 40% CBD oil with a low, not to say discount, wholesale CBD price? Now you can, with our 40% cannabidiol oil available online and home delivery. The more bottles you order, the lower the price per bottle. This means you benefit from a sliding-scale price scale, as with all our online ranges, from filtered resins to Puff. Produced from organic farming and hemp plants grown in Switzerland and other countries, this oil has the highest cannabidiol content in the store, at 40%. Not only does this accelerate the effectiveness of the benefits, it also makes them last longer. 

40% CBD oil: the most aromatic of all?

Indeed, the high cannabidiol content of our 40 % CBD oil promotes an explosion of flavours and aromas. You'll quickly realize this if you choose to pour a few drops of CBD directly under your tongue. You'll start by experiencing that natural bitterness, as well as the woody, spicy notes typical of traditional hemp. Then you'll discover floral fragrances, similar to those found when consuming CBD 40 Full Spectrum oil. In infusion or added to your usual e-liquid, you'll be able to highlight unique exhalations that come from the terpenes obtained from our hemp plants. 

CBD oil, positive opinions on the benefits of the 40% version?

The 40% CBD oil has by far the highest cannabidiol content in our range. So it's also the one with the most health benefits. Like the other oils, a drop of 40% CBD will already help you de-stress and reduce the symptoms of your anxiety disorder. Thanks to this level, a few drops of CBD will be enough to reduce physical pain, as it creates a natural analgesic effect. If you mix it with an infusion before going to bed, you'll be able to take advantage of its power to reduce nervous tension and make it easier to fall asleep. More broadly, reviews of 40 percent CBD oil show a reduction in the effects of nervous breakdown, as well as a marked improvement in concentration at work. 

CBD oil, benefits for all consumers

As with CBD 40 Full Spectrum oil, this CBD in drops with a 40% cannabidiol content is highly advantageous for all consumer profiles: 

  • Vaping enthusiasts enjoy exquisite floral, naturally woody and spicy aromas.
  • Stressed and anxious people will see their condition rapidly improve.
  • Insomniacs and ADHD sufferers can both sleep better and concentrate better.

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  • Origine Suisse
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Acheté par Romuald
Le 2023-10-01
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Soulage les douleurs de mon mari et m'aide à trouver le sommeil.
Acheté par Kylian
Le 2023-10-01
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C'est parfait
Effet apaisant, je réacheterai ce produit dans le futur.
Acheté par Marius
Le 2023-09-29
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Meilleure Huile
Idéal pour faire ce qu'on repousse depuis des semaines et réduire son anxiété ! Diminue en plus les douleurs