Blueberry Diesel

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Blueberry CBD is a 27% cannabidiol CBD flower with a blueberry taste and sweet aromas. This powerful CBD flower is highly effective for deep relaxation.

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Blueberry Diesel: Premium CBD flowers with fruity flavours 


Blueberry CBD is a powerful CBD flower with a bluish appearance and full buds. Made with 60% cannabis sativa, this 100% legal weed is appreciated above all for its unique taste and fragrance. Do you like sweet and fruity tastes? Then you'll be delighted to know that Blueberry Diesel is so named for its taste, reminiscent of wild berries, especially blueberries. Easy to crumble, it releases a wild berry aroma that's delicious to vape. When consumed as an infusion and in cooking, Blueberry Diesel has a raw taste, reminiscent of recreational cannabis without its harmful effects on health! 

What are the cannabidiol and THC levels of this cheap CBD?


Blueberry CBD has a fairly high cannabidiol content, at 27%, which provides its consumer with powerful effects. It starts with a strong feeling of soothing, followed by a deep sense of relaxation. This Sativa-dominant Indoor CBD is renowned for its anti-stress properties. Sleep disturbances also diminish significantly, and daytime concentration and creativity are enhanced. In addition, physical and chronic pain is reduced by CBD consumption in flower form, thanks to this 27% potency. THC, meanwhile, is below 0.2%, as in all our products. As a result, all our CBD products are legal in the EU. 

What are the possible ways to consume this CBD flower from France?


A potent CBD flower, like our filtered resins and discount cannabidiol oils, is a Premium product. Blueberry Diesel can be consumed in three different ways. Don't smoke it, as combustion is a physical phenomenon which greatly reduces the efficacy of cannabinoids. However, this CBD Premium can be vaped using an electronic cigarette. It can also be drunk as an infusion, but only if you add a fatty substance so that the cannabidiol diffuses well in the liquid. Finally, Blueberry Diesel can also be added to your cooking. To make the most of its blueberry flavours, vaping is ideal, as the absence of combustion preserves the subtlety of the aromas.  

CBD Shop: the benefits of our Blueberry Diesel cannaberry flower  


Like all our Indoor, Greenhouse and CBD Outdoor products, Blueberry Diesel is unique, and boasts a number of advantages not found in the others: 

  • It has a high cannabidiol content of 27%, making its benefits longer-lasting and more powerful.
  • It is predominantly Sativa and therefore has great relaxing power.
  • It tastes of wild berries, especially blueberries.
  • Saveurs Myrtille
  • Taux de CBD 27%
  • Variété Hybride (Sativa/Indica)
  • Taux de THC 0.2%
  • Utilité Concentration, Mémoire, Relaxation
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Le 2023-10-01
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Livraison rapide
Livraison rapide, qualité et échantillon merci
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Le 2023-10-01
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Bonne fleur
Trés bonne Fleur de CBD aussi bien en bouche que par l’odeur que cette fleur dégage.
Acheté par Emma L
Le 2023-09-30
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Prix ultra correct, je ne m'attendai pas à une tel qualité. Bravo