Sour Diesel

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Sour Diesel is a cheap, potent CBD flower with a raw, earthy taste and spicy aromas. This indoor flower is highly effective against stress and anxiety disorders.

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Sour Diesel: a powerful CBD flower to smoke?


Sour Diesel can be considered a powerful CBD flower thanks to its very high cannabidiol content (22%). Thanks to this, you can enjoy health benefits with very little consumption of this weed. It's not only economical, but also allows you to enjoy powerful, long-lasting benefits. In fact, the higher the level of cannabidiol in a product, the longer the benefits last. On the other hand, it is not advisable to smoke a potent CBD flower to enjoy all its virtues or taste, as combustion partly destroys all these positive points of cannabidiol. The positive health effects are diminished, while the taste and aroma are partly altered. If, however, you like this method of consumption, you can try vaping. Without the combustion of the e-liquid product, vaping preserves the woody, spicy aromas and raw taste of this indoor flower. 

Is Sour Diesel CBD France Indoor?


Sour Diesel does indeed come from flowers picked from cannabis plants grown indoors. In other words, they didn't grow in open fields or greenhouses. This hemp flower is therefore very different from products from the CBD Outdoor or Greenhouse cultivation methods, which provide cannabidiol products with even more virtues. Indoor CBD is the best-known cannabis cultivation method. It involves growing hemp plants indoors to avoid the ravages of weather and disease that destroy it. As a result, Indoor flowers are rich in trichomes and terpenes. 

What can hemp flowers be used for?


Sour Diesel is a powerful Sativa-dominant CBD flower. It therefore has the typical properties of this range of hemp plants, namely an immediate sensation of well-being after ingestion. A few hours after consuming this potent CBD, you'll also feel a deep sense of calm, as well as a reduction in stress and anxiety. It is particularly recommended for people suffering from anxiety disorders or depressive episodes. In terms of effects, it's akin to a powerful THC flower without the addictive, psychotropic effects. 

Benefits of Sour Diesel cannabis flower


Are you interested in Sour Diesel indoor CBD flower? Here's a summary of its qualities to help you make your choice: 

  • It has a 22% CBD content that reduces stress and anxiety.
  • It's called that because its raw taste is sometimes reminiscent of the harshness of diesel.
  • It releases spicy, slightly lemony aromas when vaped or infused.
  • Saveurs Agrumes
  • Taux de CBD 22%
  • Variété Sativa
  • Origine États-Unis
  • Taux de THC 0,2%
  • Provenance Suisse
  • Utilité Relaxation , Anxiété, Stress, Sommeil
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toujours la qualité ici et la rapidité... merci longue vie
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