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Zkittlez is a 23% hemp flower with a fruity taste reminiscent of grapefruit and lemon. This cannabis flower is recommended for combating insomnia.

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Zkittlez, an inexpensive CBD flower 


Obtained from predominantly Indica cannabis plants, Zkittlez is a powerful CBD flower with a cannabidiol content of 23%. It has benefited from the best growing conditions to develop a maximum of terpenes and trichomes, both essential for obtaining a top-of-the-range Indoor flower. Ranked among our best Indoor CBD products, it is therefore close to several other flowers, such as California Kush and Sour Diesel. Like the latter, Zkittlez benefits from a very low wholesale CBD price, so you can enjoy its benefits without worrying about your budget. 

Does Zkittlez CBD flower from France have a unique taste?


Our Zkittlez potent CBD flower does indeed have a unique taste, but also a rather astonishing fragrance. To understand what sets this Zkittlez apart, we need to look at the origin of its name. It comes from those famous colored candies you know more commonly as Skittles, which are quite fruity and sweet. It's no coincidence that our Indoor flower develops a tropical-fruit taste that's pronounced even when you only consume a small quantity. After a few minutes in your mouth, Zkittlez releases a second, unsuspected taste of fresh grass. The notes change rapidly from sweet to bittersweet. 

What are the benefits of Zkittlez hemp flower?

Did you know that each of our cannabidiol flowers has unique virtues in common with the others? For example, some varieties are more effective in treating chronic stress, while others are recommended for managing insomnia problems. This Indoor CBD with its tropical fruit flavour is broad-spectrum, thanks in particular to its 23% cannabidiol content. But its Indica-dominant strain also makes it highly effective in treating sleep problems. Just a few milligrams of CBD are enough to eliminate the problem of frequent waking during the night, or to greatly reduce insomnia. In general, this powerful CBD flower can be of interest when you're experiencing stressful phases or sleeping very badly. 

Zkittlez, a cannabis flower with multiple benefits in your favourite CBD store


Top-of-the-range quality, Zkittlez is a potent CBD flower with many advantages: 

  • It has a cannabidiol content of 23%, which is ideal for combating anxiety or periods of stress. 
  • Its tropical fruit, lemon and grapefruit flavours will delight fans of sweet, fruity sweets.
  • This fruity cannabidiol flower is excellent as an infusion or baked into a dessert.
  • Its Indica-dominant strain is recommended to combat sleep disorders and chronic insomnia.
  • Saveurs Agrumes, Fruits rouges
  • Taux de CBD 23%
  • Variété Indica
  • Origine États-Unis
  • Taux de THC 0.2%
  • Provenance Suisse
  • Utilité Mémoire, Concentration, Soulager les douleurs
Acheté par Lucie
Le 2023-10-01
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Fleur CBD très agréable en bouche qui est à la fois stimulante et relaxante
Acheté par Armand
Le 2023-09-30
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Une vraie tuerie livré en deux jours comme prévu exactement ce à quoi je m’attendais